Eike Folkerts


This is me, Eike. Software Engineer from Germany, $currYYYY-1988 years old
(that variable is not supposed to work, it's just a joke. Why do I even explain this)



Hi, I am Eike, a German Software Engineer since 2015. I like developing Apps with Flutter, creating Backends with Java Spring Boot and diving into DevOps and Cloud-Engineering with new and reliable technologies.
At home, I created a fully automated cloudless Environment with KNX Bussystem, openHAB, Home Assistant, Zigbee and other shenanigans. My Home Lab consists of multiple Servers, running Proxmox, Kubernetes, DNS-Server, NGINX Reverse Proxy, Grafana, Node-Red, TrueNAS, Nextcloud, Unifi and many more.
Have fun, exploring my portfolio



DevOps Engineer (2022)

ise individuelle Software und Elektronik GmbH
Jenkins | Gitlab | Puppet | Proxmox | C# | Linux Shell | Powershell | Foreman | Grafana | Windows Server | Confluence | Jira | Scrum
Maintenance of build jobs in Jenkins for the KNX ETS Software, parallelization of Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS - Maintenance of build jobs in Jenkins for the KNX ETS Software
- Automation of tests and visualization of results
- Standardization of solutions and tools in the build context
- Categorization of occurring build errors based on the build output of the projects by root cause
- Administration of container-based infrastructure based on Docker, Docker swarm and Kubernetes
- Maintenance and optimization of CI/CD pipelines on Jenkins and Gitlab Maintenance and upkeep of test systems
- Interface function Between the development teams and the IT department

Flutter Developer (2022)

Datineo GmbH
Flutter | Dart | Spring Boot | Bitbucket | Keycloak | Unity 3D Modelling | Figma | Zeplin | MySQL | Jenkins | Confluence | Jira | Scrum
Technical consultant for fullstack development and DevOps
Implementation of a Flutter mobile app for the technical recording of agricultural machinery

Software Engineer (2015-2021)

Energy-Analysis GmbH
Java | JavaFX | Flutter | Spring Boot | Proxmox | Docker | Firebase | AWS | Gitlab CI/CD | native Android (Java) | native iOS (Objective-C+Swift) | RabbitMQ | Jira | Website with HTML, CSS, JS (Bootsrap)
Monitoring and regulating wind power plants with desktop and mobile Applications
Frontend development for iOS, Android, Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Backend development for crawling data from wind power plants, persisting it in a DB and providing it via RestAPI

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS - Developing Java software for monitoring and regulating wind power plants
- Java Backend with MySQL-DB, collecting data over OPC, modem, ODBC
- JavaFX, Java, Swift: Frontend Applications. Desktop-Client (Windows, Linux, MacOS), Android-App, iOS-App (Tablet and Smartphone) with constant updates on all operating systems
- Push notifications over Firebase (former Google Cloud Messaging)
- Set up Jira Server for agile programming
- Set up BitBucket (later GitLab) Server for version control with git
- weekly, fully automated complete backup from company server to external hdd and external private file server over own openvpn server, ransomware-safe
- Automation for internal calculation processes on wind energy outages. Reduced the time consumption for one calculation from 45 minutes to 10 seconds
- Server virtualization of multiple VMs/LXCs with Proxmox VE and Docker
- Frontend redesign with Flutter
- Backend redesign with Spring/JWT

Autonomous Videochat Tablet (2020)

Android | Tasker | Google Duo | Pushover | RestAPI
A possibility for elderly people for vidochatting with their family
Fully Kiosk Mode: Tablet display turns on, when the elderly person passes and only displays the large homescreen where a tap on pictures of familymembers will call them
Trigger a call: When a family member wants to call the elderly person, the tablet makes a loud sound and autonomously initiates the videocall to the familymember

AckerSchlacker (2016)

Android | Spring Boot | MariaDB | JPA | LaTeX PDF creation
Android-App for agricultural enterprise to document operations on fields
Server-Client-communication with MariaDB, RestAPI and JSON (Spring Boot)
Creating Latex-PDF for yearly overview about fields and crop rotation


Proxmox | Kubernetes | Docker (Swarm, Compose, Edge Computing, Portainer) | VPN | AdGuard | NGINX Reverse Proxy | Nextcloud | NAS | IP Cameras | Unifi | Bitwarden | Paperless-ngx | Bookstack | Kimai (Timetracker) | Synology

Smart Home

openHAB | KNX Bussystem | Home Assistant | InfluxDB | Grafana | CheckMK | MQTT | Node-Red | Zigbee | Energy Smartmeter | Photovoltaic system with battery